Venly API


Venly, for developers looking to dive into blockchain technology
Venly allows you to easily integrate your app with several blockchains, whether you already have an app integrated with web3 or building a new application from scratch. Venly provides a smooth and delightful experience for both you and your users both on Web and mobile.
Our products will help you interact with blockchain wallets, create different asset types, fungible, and non-fungible (ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155). As well as create and interact with smart contracts. While at the same time providing your users with an easy-to-understand interface.

Product and Integration landscape

Integration Overview
There are multiple ways to integrate the Venly products.
At its core, we deliver the following solutions:
  • Wallet solutions;
  • NFT minting and querying solutions; and
  • Market-place / NFT-trading solutions
All of these solutions are offered in different formats:
  • Direct API integration (HTTP REST)
    • Use if you like to create a full white-labelled custom solution.
  • Wallet-Widget frontend integration
  • Web3 library solutions.
    • Use these if you have a profound blockchain knowledge and like to integrate through current Web3-standards.
  • Gaming SDKs
    • Use these if you are building a game using current gaming architecture
  • Point-and-click solutions (through our partners Shopify, and Sitemanager)
    • Use these if you have no development team available.

Sample Use Cases

Secure Wallet Solutions:

Venly offers secure wallet solutions via the Wallet API that enables you to create, store, and manage wallets with your own custom user interface. Using our wallet solution, your brand can create wallets for quick user onboarding.
The Wallet API can connect to your payment gateway offering your customers the option to pay for their purchases using various cryptocurrencies..

NFT Marketplace Integration:

Venly enables developers and businesses to create, manage, and sell unique digital assets on the blockchain. Your brand can sell NFT collections on the Venly Market to get started faster and earn royalties at the same time.
Your brand can Incorporate NFT sales into your platform with our Market API or directly through Shopify with our app. Offer your audience NFTs in a cost-effective manner!

Tokenized Loyalty Programs:

Venly's Web3 solutions enable the tokenization of loyalty programs for eCommerce, music, sports, fashion, and more. Businesses can issue their own branded tokens or utilize existing blockchain tokens to reward customer loyalty.
These tokens can be used for discounts, exclusive access to products or services, or even as tradable assets, fostering customer engagement and creating a sense of value for loyal customers.
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