Venly API

Release Notes

0.22.0 - 2022/12/05

  • Full API documentation through Swagger
  • Added possibility to buy more (fungible) items at once
  • PWA support

0.21.0 - 2022/10/19

  • Added leaderboard history
  • Added loading state in My Inventory
  • Small bugfixes and improvements

0.20.0 - 2022/10/04

  • (API) Added the possibility to mark Offers as PRIVATE, UNLISTED or PUBLIC.
  • Added current application version actuator endpoint
  • Several design and bug fixes

0.19.0 - 2022/09/21

  • USDC contract addfresses are made explicit for deposits
  • Added possibility to create multi-item offers for fungible tokens

0.18.0 - 2022/09/05

  • Added support for HEDERA NFTs on the marketplace
  • Redesigned and improved profile section:
    • (IMPROVED) The Profile section where you can see your inventory, your listings, purchases and bids has been redesigned / improved.
      • You will now more easily be able to followup on your listing, purchases and bids
      • They all have improved status icons
    • (NEW) A complete overview of your transaction history in USDC and VENS
    • (NEW) A complete overview of all your notifications
  • You can now choose to deposit/withdraw USDC on the market with any of these chains: ETHEREUM, AVALANCHE, HEDERA or Polygon/MATIC
  • Several design / bug fixes

0.16.0 - 2022/06/08

  • Several bugfixes

0.15.0 - 2022/05/04

  • Introduction of VENS and the leaderboard
  • (Breaking change) Introduction of multi-item offers
  • Introduction of future sales
  • Introduction of user notifications
  • (API) Introduction of sub-users.
  • Integration of a new design system
  • Several bugfixes

0.14.0 - 2021

  • Added endpoint to update offer price
  • Added endpoint to retrieve the balance history
  • Switch of Market credit system to USDC
  • Added endpoint to create and retrieve a USDC deposit address
  • Added endpoint to withdraw USDC balance