Venly API

How to authenticate

How to access Venly API

Client ID & Secret

You need your ClientId and/or secret before you can start using the Venly products and running API calls.
You can get your ClientId and/or secret using the Business Portal.
🧙 Click here to learn how to retrieve the ClientId and secret from Business Portal.

Already have your Client ID & Secret?

Awesome, no time to waste, full speed ahead.
The best place to start is by downloading our Postman Collection. It covers all our available endpoints for all our API products. Once downloaded you only need to update the variables with your own client id and secret and you are good to go.
By default our postman collection points to our sandbox environment, which is connected to different testnets and is the perfect environment to start playing around. To learn more about our environments and the different blockchain networks please have a look at Environments & networks.

Basic Authentication flow

A client id comes with a shared secret that can be used to retrieve a Bearer token which can be used to call the different endpoints. Here is a small diagram explain the authentication flow.
Basic Authentication flow
The authentication flow requires a server-to-server communication channel