Venly API

Fulfillment States

A fulfillment represents the purchase or reimbursement of an offer.
  • Purchase:
    • The NFT is bought by a buyer and is taken out of custody, to the buyers wallet.
  • Reimbursement:
    • The offer was cancelled (manually by the seller, or the deadline of the offer was reached) and the NFT is returned out of custody, back to the seller's wallet.
To get a complete view on the OFFER states, you also have to take the OFFER states into account.
For example:
  • An Offer can be considered SOLD when the following is reached
    • Offer.status = Closed
    • Offer.fulfillment.type = PURCHASE
    • Offer.fulfillement.status = COMPLETED
Fulfillment states


The initial state of a Fulfillment . The Purchase or Reimbursement is ready to be picked up for processing.


A (blockchain) transaction is initiated to move the NFT out of custody and (back) to the sender (in case of reimbursement) or to the buyer (in case of a purchase). Blockchain finality has however not yet reached.


The transaction to move the NFT out of custody has reached finality. When the fulfillment reaches the Completed state, the purchase or reimbursement can be considered final.


Something went wrong. A detailed investigation is needed.