Backend Providers

Backend Providers are used to handle the calls with the Venly API. Depending on your setup, you can choose one of the built-in Backend Providers or create an implementation that fits your own Backend Solution.
Developer Mode Provider The 'DevMode' or 'Developer Mode' provider can be used for developer or experimentation purposes. This mode does not require a Backend and allows you to use the entire API for testing purposes. It is important to note that this mode should not be used for production purposes, and is only enabled within the Unity Editor. You can use this provider to prototype your mechanics and switch to another provider any time you want with minimal changes to your code base.
Developer Mode gives full access to the Venly API. This also includes making Server Authoritative calls from within the Unity Editor. Note that any Server Authoritative call will not be available in a runtime build of your project. In order to minimize the required changes when switching to another Backend Provider you should group your Server Authoritative calls so you can easily transfer these to Backend calls.
PlayFab Provider The PlayFab backend provider is a built-in Backend Solution that uses Azure Cloud Functions made through PlayFab to invoke Client Authoritative Venly API calls. Check the docs to read more on how to configure this provider.
In order to use the PlayFab provider you'll need a PlayFab account, and an Azure account. Also, make sure the PlayFab SDK is installed in your Unity Project before switching to this provider.
Custom Provider If your game makes use of a Backend Solution that is currently not supported as a Built-In provider, you can easily create a custom provider integration. There are a few interfaces that must be built in order for the Venly API to interact with your custom Backend Solution.