05 June 2023

Updates on the API products: Wallet, NFT, and Market.

Wallet API [0.40.0]


NFT API [0.24.0]


  • Technical bug fixes
  • Improved error messages
  • Users can create an NFT on Arbitrum Blockchain

Market API [0.27.0]


  • Technical bug fixes
  • Security bug fixes
  • Upgrades made to the following:
    • Java to Java 17
    • Spring Boot to Spring Boot 3.0.1 (and Spring 6)
    • Switch Zuul to Spring Cloud
  • Visual upgrades for a clean UI
  • ClientId field set to ArkaneMarket, but only on QA
  • Stuck transactions get resubmitted automatically
  • AVAC and MATIC explorer URL updated
  • Offers created on the QA are started immediately