New Pricing Plan - Developer Plan

We are excited to announce our new Developer Plan, designed to meet the needs of developers seeking comprehensive access to our services at an affordable rate. This plan is ideal for those looking to leverage our robust infrastructure and for new developers needing essential tools.


BASE & XPLA Support for Widget

BASE and XPLA have been added to the supported blockchains in Venly Widget. Now you can create and manage XPLA/BASE wallets.


Updated Developer Portal

We are excited to announce the release of the updated Venly Developer Portal. This update brings a range of new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience and streamline your interactions with our services.


Retrieve ERC20 Tokens' Metadata & USD Price

We now allow you to fetch ERC20 Tokens' metadata and USD price.


Signing Method Update & Importing Litecoin Wallet

This release includes updates to signing method use, improved error messages, and the ability to import a Litecoin wallet with a passphrase.


Deprecating Market & Market-API

The Venly Market and the Market-API will be decommissioned on July 31st, 2024. Please ensure you withdraw any remaining funds before this date. Any open listings will automatically be canceled on the 31st of July.


Polygon & Avalanche Faucet

Introducing the Faucet, built into our Developer portal can be used to request testnet MATIC and AVALANCHE tokens. You can request 0.5 MATIC and 0.5 AVALANCHE tokens every 24 hours using wallets created with Venly.


New Pricing Structure

Venly has changed its pricing structure from product-based to platform-based subscriptions. Now you can access all API products and SDKs with a single subscription. The first subscription plan (Professional Plan) comes with a free 14-day trial and access to all products in Staging and Production. More subscription plans coming soon.


Migration from Mumbai to Amoy for Polygon Testnet

Venly has migrated from the Mumbai testnet to the Amoy testnet for Polygon (MATIC). Effective immediately all assets in MATIC testnet wallets have been wiped clean. The testnet chain for Polygon has migrated to Amoy from Mumbai because it can process more transactions and has lower fees. The Amoy testnet offers a low-risk setting for developing, testing, and experimenting with projects.


Retrieve all token mints endpoint

  • A new endpoint has been added to the NFT-API which allows you to retrieve all token mint requests.
  • A new way to filter your tokens based on tokenTypeId for the Get All Tokens Endpoint.
  • Addition of a timestamp of the creation of mints in the response body for specific endpoints.