NFT API v2.0

Step into the future of NFT innovation with NFT API v2.0, where cutting-edge features like Mass Minting, Dynamic NFTs, and Webhooks await, promising an enriched and future-proof NFT experience.


29 January 2024 - Portal Company Settings Update

Revamp of the Company Settings page in the Developer Portal plus ability to add your company's VAT number.


22 January 2024 - Invoices Management for Portal

Invoices management feature added to the developer portal.


03 January 2024 Bitcoin Segwit and Native spam filtering

Added support for Bitcoin and Litecoin Segwit addresses, as well as a native spam filter for ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens for the Wallet-API and Wallet Widget.


11 December 2023

Bug fixes and general improvements for Wallet and Market API.


05 December 2023 - User Management

Introducing User Management for the Business Portal.


17 November 2023 - Migration to Sepolia testnet

In the coming weeks, Goerli testnet will be deprecated on Ethereum and Arbitrum. We will migrate on the 15th of December from Goerli to Sepolia on both Ethereum and Arbitrum.

25 October 2023

New updates and improvements for Wallet and NFT API. Mainly the move from custodial to non-custodial.

19 September 2023

Updates on the products: Wallet, NFT, and Market.

21 July 2023

Updates on the products: Wallet, NFT, and Market.