03 October 2022

Updates on the Wallet-API & Market-API.

Wallet API [0.46.0]


  • ImmutableX integration in Wallet-API
    • Create IMX wallet
    • Perform transactions on IMX
    • Retrieve native and ERC20 tokens on IMX
    • View NFTs on IMX
    • Transfer NFTs on IMX

Market API [0.18.0]


  • Added support for HEDERA NFTs on the marketplace
  • Redesigned and improved profile section:
    • The Profile section where you can see your inventory, your listings, purchases, and bids has been redesigned/improved.
      • You will now more easily be able to follow your listing, purchases, and bids
      • They all have improved status icons
    • A complete overview of your transaction history in USDC and VENS
    • A complete overview of all your notifications
  • You can now choose to deposit/withdraw USDC on the market with any of these chains: ETHEREUM, AVALANCHE, HEDERA, or Polygon(MATIC)
  • Several design/bug fixes