05 December 2022

Updates on the API products: Wallet, NFT, and Market.

Wallet API [0.36.0]


  • KYC verification for Widget users

Wallet API [0.35.0]


  • Full API documentation in Swagger

NFT API [0.20.0]


Market API [0.23.0]


  • Fixed responsiveness bugs
  • Added a sticky navigation bar
  • Removed Google tag manager
  • Added functionality to retrieve the maximal withdrawal amount without the need for KYC
  • Added checks to verify if an unverified user's Withdraw Order is less than their maximum-withdrawal amount without KYC
  • Added functionality to perform KYC-verification when users exceed the max-withdrawal amount
  • Message displayed when users exceed their maximum-withdrawal amount
  • Withdraw button gets disabled when a user is marked as "Declined / Fraud"