New Pricing Structure

Venly has changed its pricing structure from product-based to platform-based subscriptions. Now you can access all API products and SDKs with a single subscription. The first subscription plan (Professional Plan) comes with a free 14-day trial and access to all products in Staging and Production. More subscription plans coming soon.

Get access to everything - With one subscription!

We have moved to a platform-based subscription where you get access to all API products and SDKs in staging and production.


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New pricing structure - Venly

New pricing structure - Venly

The very first plan is the Professional Plan which comes with a 14-day trial after which you will be billed. This plan gives you access to everything on staging/production and includes 1 Million compute units monthly.

Each endpoint you use consumes some compute units. The usage section includes details on:

  • Total number of API calls
  • Total number of compute units used
  • Total number of errors (user-side + client-side)
Usage Dashboard

Usage Dashboard


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Invoicing & Billing

  • The Professional plan starts at $199/month if billed annually, or at $249 if billed monthly.
  • The Professional plan comes with 1 Million compute units monthly.
  • In the Professional plan, compute units are conveniently bundled in groups of 100K. This means, your Professional plan includes ten such bundles, each containing 100K compute units.
  • Should you exceed the compute unit limit on your plan (for instance, 1 Million), an additional bundle of 100K compute units will be automatically added and invoiced by $25. If you surpass this extra 100K compute units, another 100K compute units will be added and invoiced, and so on. This ensures uninterrupted service while keeping you informed about your usage.
  • The 14-day trial only applies to users who have not availed a trial before. The trial also gives you access to all staging/production products.
  • All legacy product-based subscription plans have been removed.
  • The developer portal represents all legacy plans as Custom Plan.