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Scam airdrops into my wallet and Venly protection from unauthorised transaction / wallet emptying


If there's scam airdop into my wallet, then how do I protect myself from these emptying my wallet?

Or, how does Venly protect me if there's a transaction to send tokens out of my account and its not one I have personally or deliberately initiated?

I know not to click on any links I see if i do a blockchain explorer scan of my wallet, and I also see that Venly hides these airdrops from my wallet user interface, so I know that only a transaction I personally initiate from my wallet should be approved and sent. But let's say I did by mistake click on one of these links which i see from in the blockchain explorer record of my wallet, what protection is there to stop this from emptying my wallet? What security is there (if any) that only allows the transaction with my approval? Or can the scammer somehow bypass this and faciliate the transfer without any intervention from me and therefore empty my wallet?

Is there anyway of these scam airdrops triggering a transaction even without my inadvertent clicking on the link or the transaction?

In a sceanrio where one of these scam airdrops was triggered, and they attempted to transfer tokens out of my wallet, how does Venly protect me or my wallet from sending these tokens? If I deliberately set up a transfer out, then I need to enter my PIN to approve/authorise the transaction, but if one of these scams tries to set up an outgoing transfer, what happens and would I get some sort of request to approve the transaction or is there someway the scammers are bypassing security and able to empty a wallet?