Venly's Gaming Toolkit

Here you'll find the documentation you need to get up and running with Venly's Unity SDK and start levering Venly's Services within your client-based Unity games.
The toolkit provides you with easy-to-use APIs and Tools which can be used to build awesome web3-enabled games! Let Venly manage the web3 side of your game, while you can focus on the game itself.
The toolkit enables easy interaction with Venly's API products for usage in various programming languages and game engines
  • Wallet API - Create & Manage Blockchain wallets
  • NFT API - Create, Manage & Mint your own Blockchain Tokens (FT/NFT)
  • Market API - Build and manage your own NFT marketplace
There is no direct support for Venly's Wallet Widget (Web Integration).
One of the main features is our Blockchain and Backend Provider agnostic approach, giving you complete freedom to select your preferred Blockchain and Backend Provider Solution.

Blockchain Agnostic

Venly offers access to a wide variety of popular Blockchains. It's only a matter of choosing the Blockchain that fits your needs, and you're good to go!

Backend Provider Agnostic

The current version of the SDK exposes Venly's Wallet, NFT, and Market API products. A backend is required in order to interact with Venly's API products in a secure way, therefore, our solution is of course designed with this in mind! Whether you are using PlayFab, Unity Gaming Services, Beamable, ... or a complete Custom solution, we've got you covered.
In case you haven't thought of a Backend Provider, we also offer a Developer Mode that enables all our SDK features from within the Unity Editor without needing a Backend. This option is great for experimentation, prototyping and allows for faster iteration times. Adding or changing your Backend Provider can be done at any time!
The current version (v1.0.5) supports the following Backends
  • Developer Mode - Full API interaction support from within the Unity Editor
  • PlayFab - A built-in extension that handles communication through PlayFab
  • Custom Provider - Ability to create your own Backend Provider extension
With future releases, additional built-in supported providers will be added (Unity Gaming Services, Beamable, GameSparks, ...)
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