In this guide you'll learn what is a faucet, how to use it and how to get testnet tokens

What is a faucet

A blockchain faucet is a service that gives out small amounts of cryptocurrency for free. It's like a faucet dripping drops of crypto instead of water. Faucets are used to teach people about how cryptocurrency works. Users sign up, solve puzzles to prove they're real, and get a tiny bit of cryptocurrency as a reward. Remember, faucets offer small amounts and aren't a reliable way to get a lot of cryptocurrency.

Why are faucets important

Testnet cryptocurrency play a crucial role in blockchain development and experimentation. They allow you to test applications and smart contracts on the testnet, without using real cryptocurrencies. It allows developers to explore our products and experiment with different features, functionalities, and configurations using testnet tokens without the fear of losing real cryptocurrencies or impacting the mainnet.

Testnet vs Mainnet

The mainnet represents the fully functional network that is ready to use and for real-world transactions. On the other hand, the testnet serves as an alternative version of the network specifically designed for testing purposes. It provides a controlled environment where you can experiment, evaluate, and test our API’s.

The testnet mimics the functionalities of the mainnet (live blockchain) but operates with testnet tokens that hold no real-world value. Testnet tokens can be acquired from a testnet faucet. Different blockchain networks have their own testnet faucets.


You can find a table of testnets faucets at the end of this guide.

How to use a Faucet

  1. Visit the relevant testnet faucet website
  2. You may need to sign up for an account or just provide your wallet address
  3. Enter your wallet address
  4. Some testnet faucets may require solving a CAPTCHA
  5. Click the "Submit", "Claim", or "Top Up" button

An example

Here is an example of the Polygon Amoy faucet. This just requires you to paste your wallet address and click Send Me MATIC. After that, the testnet coins will be available in your wallet.

Polygon Amoy Testnet Faucet

Polygon Amoy Testnet Faucet

Testnet faucets


Your wallet address should be specific to the testnet you are using.

EthereumSepolia- https://sepoliafaucet.com/
BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain)testnet- https://testnet.bnbchain.org/faucet-smart
Polygon (MATIC)Amoy- https://www.alchemy.com/faucets/polygon-amoy
- https://faucet.polygon.technology
AvalancheFuji- https://core.app/tools/testnet-faucet/?token=c&subnet=c
ImmutableXtestnet- https://imxfaucet.xyz/
ArbitrumSepolia- https://blastapi.io/faucets/arbitrum-sepolia
Hederatestnet- https://portal.hedera.com/register

1. Create a developer account at Hedera
2. After account creation you will receive an account (private key) that is top upped each night to 10.000 HBAR
3. Import the private key in the Venly Wallet
Bitcointestnet3- https://coinfaucet.eu/en/btc-testnet
VeChaintestnet- https://faucet.vecha.in
GoChaintestnet- https://faucet.gochain.io/
Aeternitytestnet- https://faucet.aepps.com/
NEOtestnet- https://neowish.ngd.network/
BASESepolia- https://www.alchemy.com/faucets/base-sepolia
XPLAtestnet- https://faucet.xpla.io/