Backend Provider: PlayFab

The PlayFab Backend Provider gives you the option to interact with the Venly API using Azure Cloud Functions.


Make sure that the PlayFab SDK is installed inside your Unity project before switching to this provider. It is completely normal if you see multiple exceptions referring to PlayFab when switching to the PlayFab provider without the PlayFab SDK being installed. You can either install the PlayFab SDK or switch to another provider to fix these exceptions.

This provider uses Azure Cloud Functions to invoke Venly API calls through PlayFab. In order to use the PlayFab provider you'll have to configure multiple parts of the pipeline. So make sure you meet the following requirements before switching to the PlayFab provider:


  • Have the PlayFab SDK installed and configured inside your Unity project
  • Have an active PlayFab account
  • Have an active Azure account with permission to create an Azure Cloud Function

Steps for configuring PlayFab as a backend provider in the Venly Gaming Toolkit

Here is an overview of the steps needed to configure the PlayFab Provider configuration. All configuration steps

  1. Create an Azure Cloud Function to relay the Venly API calls.
  2. Configure the Azure Cloud Function inside your PlayFab Account.
  3. Configure the Azure Cloud Function inside the Venly SDK Manager.
  4. Authorise a user with PlayFab and provide the AuthenticationContext object to the PlayFab requester.


Done, you can now invoke Venly SDK (Client Authoritative) calls! ๐ŸŽ‰