Introducing you to PAY and how your business can benefit from it.

Venly PAY

Venly Pay API


Venly has partnered with Stripe to bring you PAY, an API payment gateway that allows our customers to create Stripe payment links to sell and purchase NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens.)

This collaboration is part of a limited beta program, granting exclusive access to partners enabling NFT sales.

PAY makes onboarding easy and integrates you with Stripe so your users can sell or purchase NFTs in fiat currency (US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), etc).

PAY Business Model

PAY Business Flow

What does PAY do?

1. Easy Onboarding & Integration with Stripe

The traditional Stripe clients cannot use Stripe Payments for NFTs due to the complex and lengthy process. The majority of applications for NFT use cases are rejected by Stripe due to compliance issues.

Venly has partnered with Stripe, assuring you of a fully compliant and trusted payment solution.

Our streamlined Know Your Business (KYB) process simplifies the onboarding of clients, making it easier for them to use Stripe payments.

The onboarding process with PAY includes filling:

  • PAY Onboarding Form
  • Stripe Form (To add your business and payment details)
  • Know Your Business (KYB) Form


If accepted, you will receive the credentials and can start using PAY to create Stripe checkout links for your end-users.

2. Create Stripe Checkout Links

With PAY, you can create Stripe checkout links for end-users of different NFT products. When creating the link, you can specify the currency of your choice (based on what currency your users want to pay in).

This allows your end-users the option to complete payments using various fiat currencies such as US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), and more.

When creating checkout links, you can specify the product's name, price, quantity, currency, etc. These checkout links can then be sent to your end-user, and they can complete the payment securely on the Stripe platform.

3. Customize Checkout Links

You have the flexibility to personalize the checkout links by incorporating your company's logo and adding your preferred color scheme.

This way your end-users will make payments on a Stripe checkout page, which has your company logo and chosen color scheme.

By configuring the checkout page in this manner, you'll be able to offer your end-users a personalized checkout experience.

4. Sell NFTs Globally using fiat payments

PAY facilitates secure payments via Stripe on a global scale. Using PAY, you can sell your NFT collection globally, and accept payment in any currency that is supported by Stripe.

Create custom checkout links in your desired currency for different users all over the world.


Click here to view the currencies supported by Stripe.

PAY-API Endpoints

  • Sandbox: https://api-pay-sandbox.venly.io
  • Production: https://api-pay.venly.io

Why not use Stripe directly?

Our customers often face the burden of integrating our services with separate payment providers, leading to inefficiencies and complications.

If you were to use Stripe directly, you would have to go through a rigorous and time-consuming compliance process. In the case of Stripe, navigating the compliance requirements can be complex and applications often get rejected.

PAY is fully compliant with Stripe and thus simplifies onboarding with our lightweight KYB process.

The PAY compliance manager carries out a due diligence process before onboarding a customer. This is rather straightforward and simpler compared to Stripe.

Through PAY's documentation, you can easily implement Stripe Connect capabilities.

Fee Structure

PAY deduct a small percentage fee on every successful transaction.


Stripe also deducts a small fee from every transaction. Click here for more information.