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This step-by-step guide explains how you can mint and distribute welcome NFTs using

Scenario Explained

In this guide, we will be working with the Venly and integration on Zapier.

We will create an automated workflow such that whenever a record is updated on a board, an NFT will be sent to the email or wallet address. The automated workflow will take care of minting and sending the NFT to an email or wallet.

NFT Minting Flow

NFT Minting Flow

End Result

As a result, a customized welcome NFT will be minted and sent to the subscriber's wallet:

Minted NFT Preview

Minted NFT Preview


  1. You should have completed the onboarding with Zapier. If not please click here.
  2. You should have an NFT contract/collection already created. If not, please click here.
  3. You should have an account on If not, click here to sign up.

Configuring Zapier with Venly &

1. Configure

1.1 Create a board

  • Head over to your dashboard
  • Click on the + icon as shown below and then click on New Board
Set up a new board on

Set up a new board on

  • Give your board a new name and click on Create Board
Creating a new board

Creating a new board

  • Your new board will be created board created successfully board created successfully

  • Now add three columns:
    • Name: Name of the person the NFT is being minted for
    • Email: The email where the minted NFT will be sent to
    • Wallet Address: The wallet address where the minted NFT will be sent to
    • Mint?: This is a status column that will be used to trigger the zap when the status changes
Adding required columns to board

Adding required columns to board

1.2 Configure trigger on Zapier

  • Click on the Trigger , search and click on
Select trigger

Select trigger

  • Select the event as Specific Column Value Changed in Board and continue
  • Connect your account with Zapier (A pop-up window will appear where you need to enter your API key. Instructions are in the pop-up)
  • Next, in the Trigger section, select your Board ID and Column ID and continue
Configure action fields

Configure action fields

  • You can skip the Test trigger, that's it for configuring with Zapier.

2. Configure Venly Action on Zapier

  • Next, we need to add the action
  • Click on Action
  • Search and click on Venly
  • Choose the event as Create and Mint NFT and continue
  • Next, add your Venly account to Zapier. Your account should already be visible if you previously created your contract. Click here to read how to add Venly account on Zapier.
Connecting Venly account with Zapier

Connecting Venly account with Zapier

3. Configure the action fields:

Basic fields (need to be set up manually)

  • Blockchain: First, select the blockchain of your NFT contract from the drop-down list.
  • Contract: The NFT contracts will be displayed here based on the blockchain selected. Choose the NFT contract from the drop-down list.
Select blockchain and NFT contract address

Select blockchain and NFT contract address

Configure required fields

  1. Fungible: Next, manually set the Fungible property to False. (This means you will be minting NFTs)
  2. Name: This is the name of the NFT. You can mint customized NFTs by adding a message and then merging it with the subscriber's name. In this example, we have manually added the message: "Welcome to Venly" and then added the 1. Name. This will combine your message and the name of your user that it fetches from


Suppose your subscriber enters their name: "John". the name of the minted NFT will be: "Welcome to Venly John"

  1. Description: Add a customized message in the description for the NFT.
  2. Image URL: Enter the image URL for the NFTs.
    In this example, we have created a customized image, that will be minted as an NFT and sent to your users. Our image looks like this:
Our Custom NFT image

Our Custom NFT image

  1. External URL: This can be a link to your website or anything.
  2. Mint Address: This is the wallet address where the NFT will be sent. We have configured it to wallet address which is fetched from
  3. Mint Amount: This is the number of NFTs you want to mint. Here we manually set it to 1.

Optional fields

  • Max Supply: This is the maximum number of NFTs that can be minted. You can configure the NFT supply to 1,2 10, 100, etc.
  • Attributes: Pass an array of JSON objects to add attributes. Click here to learn about attributes.


Finally click on Publish, and your Zap will be live.

Integrate blockchain with Venly

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