Configure Realm Config

Client Authoritative

The Venly API must be initialised with a Client ID and Client Secret. The microservice is automatically going to do that for you and expects to find the relevant initialisation parameters inside your game's Realm Configuration. You can easily add or update these keys through the Beamable Portal.

1. Navigate to the Realm Configuration

The Realm configuration keys can be found inside the Operate > Config menu of a specific Realm. Navigate to your active development Realm and open the 'Operate > Config' menu panel

Config menu in the Beamable Portal

Config menu in the Beamable Portal

2. Add the configuration

The required keys, as listed in the table below, must be added to a Namespace called venly

client_idYour Venly Client ID
client_secretYour Venly Client Secret
environmentsandbox or production , depending on the environment you would like to use


A Client ID and Client Secret can be obtained by creating a Venly business account and starting a trial of one of our API services. All services come with a free 30-day trial.

Add the configuration in the Beamable portal

Add the configuration in the Beamable portal