Backend Provider: PlayFab

The PlayFab Backend Provider gives you the option to interact with the Venly API using Azure Cloud Functions.

This provider uses Azure Cloud Functions to invoke Venly API calls through PlayFab. To use the PlayFab provider you'll have to configure multiple parts of the pipeline. So make sure you meet the following requirements before switching to the PlayFab provider.


  1. Install the PlayFab SDK for Unreal Engine 5 (Marketplace)
  2. Install the 'VenlyPlayFab' Plugin

VenlyPlayFab Plugin

The 'VenlyBeamable' Plugin is part of the VenlySDK_UE_PlayFab sample project on GitHub (VenlySDK_UE_PlayFab/Plugins/VenlyPlayFab). This module acts as a communication layer between PlayFab's and Venly's SDK.

  1. Copy the VenlyPlayFab plugin into the plugin folder of your project.
  2. For Code-Projects, make sure to add the module to your game's PublicDependencyModuleNames inside your *.build.cs file.
PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "Venly", "VenlyPlayFab" });


Now we can create and configure our Azure Cloud Function.