Create a signing method

How to create signing methods for your users.

Signing methods are like passwords that grant user access to their wallets. Each user has their own signing method. The user can perform transactions, sign messages, and recover their PIN by providing their signing method. Users can have three types of signing methods: PIN, Emergency code, and Biometric.

The first signing method for a user must always be a PIN which should be six digits.


Click here to read about signing methods.

Request Endpoint: reference

POST /api/users/{userId}/signing-methods
ParameterParam TypeDescriptionData TypeMandatory
{userId}PathThe ID of the user for whom to create the signing method forStringโœ…
typeBodyThe type of signing method to create for this user. Allowed values: PIN, BIOMETRIC, EMERGENCY_CODEStringโœ…
valueBodyThe value of the signing method. For PIN, the value should be 6 digits. For EMERGENCY_CODE, the value should be 25 characters, or you can leave it blank to autogenerate the code with the correct entropy.StringโŒ
physicalDeviceIdBodyA unique authentication ID, such as FaceID, TouchID, etc. This is to be set with the type: BIOMETRIC.StringโŒ

Request Body:

  "type": "PIN",
  "value": "123456"

Response Body:

result.idThis is the ID of the signing method.
    "success": true,
    "result": {
        "id": "f3371883-2024-469b-a122-ca22f58ba6b9",
        "type": "PIN",
        "incorrectAttempts": 0,
        "remainingAttempts": 10,
        "hasMasterSecret": true