Speed Up Minting

How to speed up your minting using multiple company minter wallets.

The problem: sequential transactions

Transactions on a blockchain are always executed sequentially for a given Wallet. If one wallet triggers 1000 transactions, then these 1000 transactions are executed sequentially on the blockchain (the second transaction has to wait for the first one, and so on).

An NFT mint is also a "transaction" on a blockchain, so these fall under the same restriction. This therefore means that doing "bursts" of NFT minting (e.g. minting +1000 NFTs at the same time), will take some time to execute (and can potentially fail).

The solution: multiple minter wallets

To circumvent this problem, you can use multiple wallets to execute the NFT minting transactions. This will circumvent the sequential restriction of using only one wallet and speed up the process.

Multiple Minter Wallets to speed Minting Process

Multiple Minter Wallets to Speed Minting Process


As an NFT-API customer, you are given by default one minter wallet. This wallet will be used to execute the minting transactions.

You can request your minter wallet by performing the following call:

Request Endpoint: reference

GET /api/v2/wallets

It returns all the company minter wallets for all the chains used for NFT minting of your NFTs.

To add more wallets, and speed up minting, you can use the following endpoint:

Request Endpoint: reference

POST /api/v2/wallets
  "chain": "MATIC"

From this moment on, that (extra) minter wallet will be used in the minting process. When there are more minter wallets, and a minting request is done, our algorithm will select a minter wallet to execute the NFT-mint transaction in a round-robin style.

Response Body

    "success": true,
    "result": {
        "id": "6048e857-ae88-49ae-9d25-57ff2593b82e",
        "chain": "MATIC",
        "address": "0x513d1c082e888fcaa2e78ca4cc7eee47a238e189",
        "walletId": "e9ed288d-914a-4008-8b21-bcfaee3ff114",
        "type": "COMPANY_MINTER",
        "companyId": "8034d564-dec0-4b6f-99df-b377b0ab8b8a"