Export a wallet

How to export an existing wallet.



Please note that we export a password secured keystore as it provides better protection against a man in the middle attack.

By default, we do not enable the permission of exporting the private key of a wallet because it carries certain risks. It is important for you to understand that exporting a wallet means the private key, which provides access to the wallet, is taken outside of our control.

If the private key falls into the wrong hands, it can be misused. If you are hacked, the hacker would be able to export all the wallets belonging to you. As a result, the hacker could directly drain the wallets using the private keys, and we would not be able to prevent it.

However, if the hacker has not been able to export the wallets and could only interact with them through our API, we would have the ability to intervene and prevent unauthorized access. So please, be aware of the risks involved in enabling this functionality in Production.


Enable the functionality to export a wallet through the Wallet API section of the Portal.

Enable wallet export from the Portal

Enable wallet export from the Portal

Request Endpoint: reference

POST /api/wallets/{walletId}/export
ParameterParam TypeValueDescription
Signing-MethodHeaderid:valueid: This is the ID of the signing method
value: This is the value of the signing method
ParameterParam TypeDescriptionData TypeMandatory
walletIdPathThis ID of the wallet that you want to exportStringโœ…
pincode (Deprecated)BodyPIN to decrypt the walletStringโŒ
passwordBodyPassword to secure the KeystoreStringโœ…

Example Response Body:

    "success": true,
    "result": {
        "keystore": "{\"address\":\"d7a742efa8f3b24bc39ef288c2eef3f1f6956a60\",\"id\":\"0c52bfce-0b64-4871-b6ff-30ef377a8fdd\",\"version\":3,\"crypto\":{\"cipher\":\"aes-128-ctr\",\"ciphertext\":\"1c1542c31c1ac5cab30a87d84a4091b150c508110859a8105a99c4cfc20357d3\",\"cipherparams\":{\"iv\":\"99ecb2a2fd5e9f081f9efdb8002b7a09\"},\"kdf\":\"scrypt\",\"kdfparams\":{\"dklen\":32,\"n\":262144,\"p\":1,\"r\":8,\"salt\":\"3646bcc831f00926890e4801cd741514846249ed5b1c79a6d2476b5cf4f4848c\"},\"mac\":\"bbbc32f0ebc35818459da82382cd44c6c16021da9e9bb62c7fc749f042cb4764\"}}"