Resubmit a transaction

Resubmit a failed transaction.

This endpoint immediately tries to resubmit a stuck transaction.

Blockchain transactions can fail for various reasons, necessitating resubmission to ensure successful completion. Some common use cases where a blockchain transaction might fail and require resubmission include:

  • Insufficient Funds: If the sender's account does not have enough cryptocurrency to cover the transaction amount, the transaction may fail, requiring the sender to resubmit the transaction with sufficient funds.
  • Network Congestion: During periods of high network traffic, blockchain networks can become congested, leading to delays or failures in transaction processing. In such cases, resubmitting the transaction during off-peak hours or with a higher transaction fee might be necessary.
  • Smart Contract Errors: When interacting with smart contracts, errors in the code or invalid inputs can cause a transaction to fail. In such instances, the sender may need to modify the transaction parameters or code and resubmit it.
  • Low Gas Fees: On networks like Ethereum, transactions require gas fees to be processed. If the gas fees are set too low, the transaction might fail. Resubmitting the transaction with an appropriate gas fee can help ensure its successful processing.
  • Network Issues or Downtime: Temporary network issues or downtime can prevent transactions from being processed. Resubmitting the transaction once the network is operational again can help facilitate its successful completion.

In all these cases, it's essential for users to carefully review the transaction details and network status to identify the cause of the failure and take appropriate actions, such as adjusting fees, verifying addresses, or waiting for network congestion to subside, before resubmitting the transaction.

Request Endpoint: reference

POST /api/transactions/resubmit
ParameterParam TypeValueDescriptionExample Value
Signing-MethodHeaderid:valueid: This is the ID of the signing method
value: This is the value of the signing method
ParameterParam TypeDescriptionData TypeMandatory
secretTypeBodyThis is the blockchain of the transaction you want to resubmitString
transactionHashBodyThe transactionHash which can be found in the response body when you initially executed the transactionString
pincode (Deprecated)BodyThis is the pincode of the wallet or the userString

Example Request:

    "secretType": "ETHEREUM",
    "transactionHash": "0x0e305bdf01149c2e35ea6ffb48ab474d714aa03173b06427c6325f0693c59f92"

Response Body:

    "success": true,
    "result": {
        "transactionHash": "0xebe407f2b9987e1d37c371d395bdb603f5fc6eb43ac58711d77e7ed944b4261a"