Configuring and customising the widget

The Widget is a front-end JavaScript component allowing projects to interact with the consumers' blockchain wallets. To properly configure the widget, the projects require you to configure three elements. The widget configuration is done via the Developer Portal.


Configuration between Sandbox and Production is kept separate, allowing you to configure your test environment differently from your production environment. To toggle in the upper right corner can be used to switch between the two environments.

Valid URLs

Each project receives its own Client ID to authenticate. To prevent the Client ID from being used outside of the project, it is required to define the URLs with which to initialise the widget in combination with a project's Client ID.


Any URL that tries to access the Widget with your Client ID will be blocked unless it is defined in the Allow list.

We also allow you to define a Log out redirect URL, which is the URL we will direct a projects consumer to after logging out of the Widget.


Make sure to always defined a log out redirect URL as well as minimum one initialisation URL.

Example configuration

Example configuration

Customise the widget

You can customise the widget screen by uploading your project's logo and defining a description. The logo will be displayed to your user each time there is an interaction between Venly and the user.

Adding a custom logo and description

Adding a custom logo and description