Simple NFT Application

Your First NFT Application with Venly

Here is an example of a basic NFT application. Venly can help you mitigate challenges around user onboarding for non-crypto-savvy users. Using Venly's multi-tiered services, you only need to interface with one service to create a seamless end-to-end experience.

The technical architecture outlined below shows you how to structure your backend to accommodate a "crypto-less" flow from your user's perspective and settle user flows on the blockchain.

In this example, we use the Wallet API and the NFT API. Via the Wallet API, we can create blockchain wallets for all users, and the NFT API allows us to create a digital asset in the form of an NFT and transfer it to the wallet we created for the user. All this without exposing any blockchain element to the end customer.

If you also want to implement a payment solution in your architecture, then our PAY solution would be a good fit. It allows you to sell NFT and regular products via the most common payment rails.

Guides we recommend to read

Simple NFT App Flowchart of components

Simple NFT App Flowchart of components

Services used in this example

  • Wallet API - Used for the wallet creation
  • NFT API - Used for the creation and transfer of NFTs
  • PAY API - Acts as the payment provider for selling NFTs (optional)