Delete a signing method

How to delete your user's signing method.


The PIN signing method cannot be deleted. Only the EMERGENCY_CODE and BIOMETRICS can be deleted, if the PIN signing method exists.

Request Endpoint: reference

DELETE /api/users/{userId}/signing-methods/{signingMethodId}
ParameterParam TypeValueDescriptionExample Value
Signing-MethodHeaderid:valueid: A valid, existing signing method ID (NOT the one you want to delete)
value: This is the value of the signing method
ParameterParam TypeDescriptionData TypeMandatory
{userId}PathThe ID of the user for whom to update the signing method forStringโœ…
{signingMethodId}PathThis is the ID of the signing method you want to deleteStringโœ…

Request Example:

DELETE /api/users/5f23aff6-6786-4160-b5cb-8f65c79eec17/signing-methods/43f93a7c-1d24-429a-876e-791eccbd5214

Response Body:


The signing method was deleted successfully.

    "success": true