Retrieve company minter wallets

Retrieve the minter wallet addresses and their respective balances by blockchain.


To increase the speed of minting, each API consumer receives its own Company Minter Wallet.

The minter wallet is the wallet that will be used for minting an NFT. It is the original wallet that executes the minting transaction on the blockchain. Of course, once minted, your NFT will be sent to the destination address that you specified during minting.

Since the minter wallet is the wallet that executes the minting transaction on the blockchain, it is also the wallet that will pay for the necessary minting-GAS fees.

In normal usage, you should not worry about this. Your very own minter wallet will automatically be created for you, once you start minting. One minter wallet per chain that you use for minting will be created. Currently, this minter wallet will also be automatically funded with initial funds to pay for the minting-GAS fees (this can change in the future).
This API can be used to retrieve the minter wallets that are created for you and check out their available balances.

Request Endpoint: reference

GET /api/wallets/{chain}
ParameterParam TypeDescriptionData TypeMandatory
{chain}PathThe blockchain to filter the result byString

Example Request:

GET /api/wallets/MATIC

Response Body:

        "chain": "MATIC",
        "address": "0x2fa5306c1c5718d1e5b5a0b2991e3b20a83e1447",
        "balance": 0.99311816,
        "symbol": "MATIC",
        "rawBalance": "993118160000000000",
        "decimals": 18