Create a wallet

How to create a new blockchain wallet.

Create blockchain wallets and link them to a specific user by userId. You need to specify the blockchain and the userId in the request body. You also need to provide a valid signing method for the user in the header request.

Request Endpoint: reference

POST /api/wallets
ParameterParam TypeValueDescriptionExample Value
Signing-MethodHeaderid:valueid: This is the ID of the signing method
value: This is the value of the signing method
ParameterParam TypeDescriptionData TypeMandatory
secretTypeBodyThe blockchain on which to create the walletStringโœ…
userIdBodyThe ID of the user who you want to link this wallet toStringโŒ
identifierBodyAdd a custom identifier to group wallets or add a unique external ID. This makes searching for wallets easier.StringโŒ
descriptionBodyA description to describe the walletStringโŒ
pincode (Deprecated)BodyThe pin that will encrypt and decrypt the walletStringโŒ

Request Body:

  "secretType": "MATIC",
  "userId": "afcdd208-098e-4750-9cb8-30822335f366",
  "identifier": "f777cd5c-376f-40a8-87f7-f0336379dd21",
  "description": "This is a test wallet"

Response Body:


The wallet has been created an linked to the specified user (userId).

    "success": true,
    "result": {
        "id": "a076dd02-04ab-439b-8618-626a4b44f99f",
        "address": "0x10BFeBA6BEaB453c79b33Bfa1abDbD93BB8252ac",
        "walletType": "API_WALLET",
        "secretType": "MATIC",
        "createdAt": "2024-06-12T14:34:26.762565775",
        "archived": false,
        "description": "This is a test wallet",
        "primary": false,
        "hasCustomPin": false,
        "identifier": "f777cd5c-376f-40a8-87f7-f0336379dd21",
        "userId": "afcdd208-098e-4750-9cb8-30822335f366",
        "custodial": false,
        "balance": {
            "available": true,
            "secretType": "MATIC",
            "balance": 0,
            "gasBalance": 0,
            "symbol": "MATIC",
            "gasSymbol": "MATIC",
            "rawBalance": "0",
            "rawGasBalance": "0",
            "decimals": 18