A small introduction to the NFT-API



The NFT API provides a comprehensive set of endpoints for developers to streamline the creation, management, and distribution of NFTs as well as the ability to query NFT-related information based on NFT contracts or wallet addresses.

The Venly NFT API offers you a set of endpoints that allows you to manage your own collection of standardized blockchain NFTs. You can create collections and create cool NFTs with pictures and animations on different blockchains. Plus, you can send these NFTs straight to your users' wallets.

It is not limited to the creation of your own NFTs, as it also allows discovering which NFTs are stored in a wallet, and fetching the metadata not only of the NFT itself but also of the NFT contract.

You now have the capability to mint dynamic NFTs, marking the end of static, unchanging digital assets. Creators can now infuse their NFTs with dynamic elements that evolve, respond to external triggers, and offer a new level of engagement for collectors and end-users. Imagine a membership NFT that evolves over time or changes based on participation in specific events, or an in-game sword that becomes more powerful with each boss defeated. The possibilities are endless.

What can I do with the NFT API?

MintingInstantly mint and transfer NFTs directly to your users' wallets. This streamlines the NFT distribution process.
CustomizableSpecify metadata and attributes for each NFT, enabling you to provide additional information and customization for your NFTs.
DynamicAbility to mint dynamic NFTs, whose properties and attributes can be changed/ updated over time.
High throughputDistribute high volume assets in bulk to multiple addresses for high demand projects
Token StandardsSupports two popular token standards, ERC-721 and ERC-1155, allowing you to choose the token type that best suits your use case, whether you're dealing with unique, indivisible NFTs or a combination of both unique and fungible tokens. For token creation we support ERC-1155 for most of the chains, except for IMX which uses ERC-721.
MultichainCreate and manage NFT collections on various blockchain networks.
SecurityOffers features such a burnable and max supply to advanced protection, all coded in audited smart contracts.

Which Blockchains are supported?

Currently, these blockchains are supported to create collections and mint NFTs:

Polygon (MATIC)
Binance Smart Chain