Retrieve Token-type Metadata

How to retrieve the metadata of an NFT token type (template) from one of your contracts.

Request Endpoint: reference

GET /api/v2/contracts/{secretType}/{contractAddress}/token-types/{tokenTypeId}/metadata
ParameterParam TypeDescriptionData TypeMandatory
{secretType}PathThe blockchain of the contract.String
{contractAddress}PathThe contract address.String
{tokenTypeId}PathThe id of the token-type whose metadata you want to fetch.Integer

Example Request:

GET /api/v2/contracts/MATIC/0x30d6cff9cb268c59c75a94755b2c60e118d65657/token-types/1/metadata

Response Body:

    "success": true,
    "result": {
        "name": "My first NFT",
        "description": "Venly",
        "image": "",
        "imagePreview": "",
        "imageThumbnail": "",
        "animationUrls": [],
        "attributes": [
                "type": "system",
                "name": "tokenTypeId",
                "value": "1",
                "traitType": "Token Type ID",
                "trait_type": "Token Type ID"
        "contract": {
            "address": "0x30d6cff9cb268c59c75a94755b2c60e118d65657",
            "name": "My first collection",
            "symbol": "MYFICO",
            "image": "",
            "imageUrl": "",
            "image_url": "",
            "description": "Sample description",
            "externalLink": "",
            "external_link": "",
            "externalUrl": "",
            "external_url": "",
            "media": [],
            "type": "ERC_1155"
        "fungible": false