Sign a message

How to ask users to sign a message.


Signing a message is the equivalent to asking the user to sign his signature. Therefore to sign a message, we need to define the message for the user to sign and request his approval.

The object that can ask the user his approval is called a Signer, once we've created a Signer object we can use the Signer to sign the message.


To perform actions on a wallet , such as transactions or signatures, the wallet has to be linked to your application. The easiest way to link a wallet to your application in to use getAccount flow. The benefits of using the getAccount flow is that this flow bundles multiple actions into one call.


//Asking the signer to sign a message.
    walletId: '<WALLET_ID>',
    secretType: '<BLOCKCHAIN>',
    data : "<YOUR_MESSAGE>"


    walletId: 'c8ec9954-fa1a-4682-9cf8-ef5c1015d1d1',
    secretType: 'ETHEREUM',
    data : "I agree with terms and conditions"


    result: {
        r: "0xc5e7a538a353c53e839ed0a2cf7b726806114b637ad1c527046adfc92fecf0d8"
        s: "0x551041e78e3b3d4432f653d708965d34aceaf067255d9cc5970283b00d5f95e0"
        signature: "0xc5e7a538a353c53e839ed0a2cf7b726806114b637ad1c527046adfc92fecf0d8551041e78e3b3d4432f653d708965d34aceaf067255d9cc5970283b00d5f95e01b"
        v: "0x1b"
    status: "SUCCESS"

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