Overview, installation, and initialization settings for ethers.js


The ethers.js library strives to serve as a comprehensive and concise tool for engaging with the Ethereum Blockchain and its broader ecosystem.

Safeguard your private keys within your client securely. Import and export JSON wallets, supporting Geth, Parity, and crowdsale formats. Manage BIP 39 mnemonic phrases (12-word backup phrases) and HD Wallets effortlessly. Utilize meta-classes to generate JavaScript objects from any contract ABI. Access an extensive set of meticulously maintained test cases. The library is fully TypeScript ready, equipped with definition files and complete TypeScript source code.


Ethers.js native documentation


npm install ethers @venly/web3-provider


import { ethers } from 'ethers';
import { VenlyProvider } from '@venly/web3-provider';

const Venly = new VenlyProvider();
const options: VenlyProviderOptions = {
  clientId: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID'

const provider = await Venly.createProvider(options);
const ethers = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(provider);

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