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Venly Dash

Venly Dash is a Web3 adaptation of Unity's Endless Runner Trash Dash Sample project.

Playable characters and their accessories are represented as NFTs and are usable inside the game if the player owns the corresponding tokens (wallet).
The game also exposes a simple store that allows the user to buy new NFTs (minting) with Coins earned by playing the game.

A classic Web2 login/signup flow is used while leveraging the VenlyAPI to attach Web3 functionalities (Wallet/Tokens) to the game.

Play Venly Dash here.


The source code is freely available on Github.

Some screenshots from Venly Dash

Some screenshots from Venly Dash


  • DevMode (Editor Only)
  • Identity Service (PlayFab / Beamable)
  • Leaderboard (PlayFab / Beamable)
  • Wallet Creation
  • Token Retrieval
  • Token Minting
  • Token Transferring
  • WebGL, Mobile, Standalone


This project contains the Azure Function code required to use PlayFab as a Backend with the Venly Unity SDK. Next to the basic SDK communication it also contains ExtensionRoutes to handle certain gameplay flows which should be executed from the backend for security reasons (claiming tokens).