Retrieve a user account

How to retrieve a user account


The function to retrieve a user account getAccount is one of the most powerful functions that the widget has to offer. Not only does it provide a ton of information, it also takes care of prerequisites, such as authentication and wallet creation.

The function returns the user's profile and the user's wallet(s) all in one response. It will also make sure to authenticate the user and create a wallet for him if needed.




const venlyConnect = new VenlyConnect('YOUR_CLIENT_ID'); 
venlyConnect.flows.getAccount('ETHEREUM').then((account) => {
  console.log('User name:',;
  console.log('User email:',;
  console.log('First wallet address:', account.wallets[0].address);
  console.log('First wallet balance:', account.wallets[0].balance.balance);


    auth: {
        tokenParsed: {
            email: "[email protected]"
            email_verified: true
            family_name: "Striegel"
            given_name: "Karel"
            name: "Karel Striegel"
            preferred_username: "[email protected]"
    wallets: [] {
        0: {
            address: "0x6156174Da796228b376e3e58506194543cfBCA38"
            archived: false
            balance: {
                available: true
                balance: 0.0012
                decimals: 18
                gasBalance: 0.0012
                gasSymbol: "ETH"
                rawBalance: "1200000000000000"
                rawGasBalance: "1200000000000000"
                secretType: "ETHEREUM"
                symbol: "ETH"
            createdAt: "2020-04-24T08:35:08.566735"
            description: "Kovan Test Wallet"
            id: "1909c484-0dae-4841-89d3-ee9a313c426c"
            secretType: "ETHEREUM"

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