This page describes an NFT.


    id: string;
    tokenId?: string;
    name?: string;
    description?: string;
    url?: string;
    backgroundColor?: string;
    imageUrl?: string;
    imagePreviewUrl?: string;
    imageThumbnailUrl?: string;
    attributes?: Trait[];
    contract: NFTContract;


idTrueStringID of the token
tokenIdFalseStringSame as ID
nameTrueStringName of the token
descriptionFalseStringDescription of the token
urlFalseStringThe (external) URL that refers to the token (ex. the website of the application)
backgroundColorFalseStringThe background color to be used when displaying the item
imageUrlFalseStringThe image of the token (full res)
imagePrevieweUrlFalseStringThe image of the token to be used when previewing
imageThumbnailUrlFalseStringThe image of the token to be used when showed in an overview (thumbnails)
attributesFalseTraitShow the attributes/properties of this token
contractTrueNFTContractDetails about the contract that this contract belongs to

Function Reference