Testing PAY

This page explains how you can simulate payments to test the integration and webhooks.

To verify the proper functioning of your integration, simulate transactions in test mode using specific credit cards without actual money.


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To test the webhooks create a checkout link and use a test card to make payment for various scenarios. For example, use a test card that results in a successful charge, or a test card that results in declined payment.

Test Cards

Test cards let you simulate several scenarios:

How to use test cards

Use a card number, such as 4242 4242 4242 4242. Enter the card number in the checkout payment form.

  • Use a valid future date, such as 12/32
  • Use any three-digit CVC (four digits for American Express cards)
  • Use any value you like for other form fields
DescriptionCard Number
Successful Payment (VISA)4242424242424242
Successful Payment (Mastercard)5555555555554444
Generic Decline4000000000000002
Insufficient Funds4000000000009995
Processing Error Decline4000000000000119
Fraud Card4100000000000019

Test Card Example:

  1. Create a checkout link
  2. Go to the checkout link generated, and fill in the payment form with the relevant card details
  3. Check the response:
    1. If webhooks are configured, check your endpoint for a notification
    2. Manually check the status of checkout
Payment Example

Payment Example