Check Contract Status

This guide explains how to check the on-chain status of your NFT contract/collection.

This endpoint is used to check the on-chain status of an NFT contract/collection. The {deploymentId} is passed in the path for tracking the status of contract creation. The {deploymentId} can be found in the response body of the create contract/collection endpoint as

Request Endpoint: reference

GET /api/v2/contracts/deployments/{deploymentId}

Example Request

GET /api/v2/contracts/deployments/ec5fdbd8-ca5e-4cf1-94aa-843dcc4e0dcc

Response Body


In the response body look for the result.status parameter. It can have three possible values:

  "success": true,
  "result": {
    "name": "NFT Collection",
    "description": "Sample description",
    "address": "0xe2a43584f37f9d4a8e446d2e38c37bde0405c75d",
    "id": "ec5fdbd8-ca5e-4cf1-94aa-843dcc4e0dcc",
    "secretType": "MATIC",
    "symbol": "NFTC",
    "externalUrl": "",
    "image": "",
    "media": [],
    "transactionHash": "0xa7f550773dd957f3d586cae27f1ed5142cd48c63888065b00cb25d1c50254c7a",
    "status": "SUCCEEDED",
    "storage": {
      "type": "ipfs",
      "location": "ipfs://QmTxV2QFBWy7iXnusuLA1qHZAFp5wK3jF8KTQCyvnn4x2T"
    "contractUri": "ipfs://QmTxV2QFBWy7iXnusuLA1qHZAFp5wK3jF8KTQCyvnn4x2T",
    "external_link": ""