A small introduction to the Wallet-API.

Venly Wallet API

Wallet API

The Wallet API allows developers to interact with blockchain networks and offer wallet functionality to their users without having to build everything from scratch. This can include features like account creation, transaction management, balance inquiries, and more.

Key features that the Wallet API provides include:

Wallet ManagementDevelopers can use the API to create, manage, and secure wallets for their users.
Transaction ServicesThe API can enable the initiation and monitoring of blockchain transactions.
Token SupportIt may allow the handling of various tokens and assets on supported blockchain networks.
Blockchain InteractionsDevelopers can integrate functionalities like reading data from the blockchain or writing data to it, more commonly known as creating and interacting with Smart Contracts.
Security FeaturesThe API might offer features to enhance the security of user funds and transactions.
User Experience EnhancementIt can contribute to a smoother and more user-friendly interaction with blockchain applications.
Multi-Blockchain SupportVenly supports multiple blockchain networks, allowing developers to offer wallets for different cryptocurrencies.


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