Data structure for performing a fungible token transfer.


  walletId! : string;
  to! : string;
  secretType! : SecretType;
  tokenAddress!: string;
  data? : string;
  value! : BigDecimal;
  chainSpecificFields? : object;


walletIdTrueStringID of the wallet one wants to sign with.
toTrueStringDestination address of the transaction. Can be an address or an email address.
secretTypeTrueSecretTypeChain the transaction will be executed on.
tokenAddressTrueStringAddress of the token
dataFalseStringData you want to send. This field will be ignored when building a token transaction request
valueTrueNumberToken value that should be transferred.
ChainSpecificFieldsFalseObjectThis field can be used to pass properties specific to a chain. More info: Chain specific fields


๐Ÿง™ You donโ€™t have to take into account the number of decimals for different tokens, Venly handles that for you.

Example: If a token has 18 decimals and you want to transfer 1 token, provide the value 1. Venly will translate this to the correct non-decimal value (1 * 10e18).



    walletId: '71dec640-4eb8-4321-adb8-b79461573fc4',
    to: '0xf147cA0b981C0CD0955D1323DB9980F4B43e9FED',
    value: 1010,
    tokenAddress: '0x02f96ef85cad6639500ca1cc8356f0b5ca5bf1d2'
    secretType: 'ETHEREUM',

With Hedera Memo

    "secretType": "HEDERA",
    "walletId": "d1e091d7-0fab-4f46-8afd-ad31f1e735d7",
    "to": "0.0.2278508",
    "tokenAddress": "0.0.2278508",
    "value": "0.0314",
    "chainSpecificFields": {
        "transactionMemo": "0.0.2810009"

Function Types