This page describes the different visibility options for Offer.


The Market API will be discontinued, in Q3 2024 we will be sunsetting this product

Offer visibility

By default, an Offer is publicly available, this means:

  • It can be retrieved by the public endpoint GET /offers ; and
  • It is shown on the Venly Marketplace: (and any other marketplace integrating the Venly API).
    • Users can search for the offer, view the offer, bid on an auction or buy the offer.

This means that any offer that you create through the API, will also be available on the Venly marketplace and all other marketplaces that use our marketplace API (they can retrieve this offer through the GET /offers endpoint).

If you do not want this behaviour (for example, you are creating a closed marketplace), you can change the visibility of the Offer.

Public / Unlisted and Private

The following options are available regarding the visibility of an Offer:

Is shown / searchable on the Venly (and other) MarketplacesIs returned in GET /offersโœ…โŒโŒ
Is shown to the owner of the Offer. Is shown in โ€œMy Listingsโ€ on the Venly MarketplaceIs returned in GET /user/offersโœ…โœ…โœ…
Is shareable through a linkIs returned in the GET /offers/{id}โœ…โœ…โŒโœ…(see note)
Can be boughtPOST /fulfillments is allowedโœ…โœ…โŒโœ…(see note)
Can be bid onPOST /offers/{id}/bid is allowedโœ…โœ…โŒโœ…(see note)



Only if the seller of the offer equals, or is a sub-user of, the logged in user (API Client owns the offer)

In summary:

  • PUBLIC Offers: are for Offers that can be shown / bought on any Marketplace integrating the Venly API
  • UNLISTED Offers: are for Offers that can be shown / bought by a select audience (they need to know the, on any Marketplace integrating the Venly API.
  • PRIVATE Offers: are Offers that are strictly private to yourself. Only the API client that created the Offer can also request / buy the Offer.


If you are creating a closed marketplace (offers can only be shown / sold on your own marketplace), you should always use the private visibility.

Using the visibility

The visibility of an Offer can be set at creation time of the Offer, or changed later on.

At Offer creation time

Use the visibility parameter in the Offer creation request:

Request Endpoint: reference

POST /offers

Request Body:

    "type": "SALE",
    "nft": {
        "tokenId": "2",
        "address": "0x492aef91afb79efaa508debbed7b3e21069d13e3",
        "chain": "ETHEREUM"
    "sellerAddress": "0xdb7c22EA49EF93F753F2ed4c9E1A2589aC6E7690",
    "price": 25,
    "visibility": "PRIVATE"

Changing the visibility

PATCH the offer to change its visibility

Endpoint Request: reference

PATCH /offers/{id}

Request Body:

    "visibility": "PRIVATE"

Retrieving your offers (closed marketplace)

Retrieving only your own offers can be done with the following call.

Request Endpoint: reference

GET /offers

This returns all the Offers for which you are the SELLER, BUYER, or BIDDER. You can filter these offers by using the relation query parameter:

GET /offers?relation=SELLER