A small introduction to the Market-API


The Market API will be discontinued, in Q3 2024 we will be sunsetting this product

Venly Market API

Market API

The Venly Market API offers you a set of endpoints that allows you to build and manage your own NFT marketplace. The Market API supports the most common NFT standards, such as ERC721 and ERC1155, as well as support for multiple blockchains.

The endpoints are constructed in a way, that you have complete freedom to pick which NFT you want to support in your own market as well as which payment providers you want to integrate.

What can I do with the Market API?

Custom NFT MarketplaceYou can build your personal, custom-made peer-to-peer NFT marketplace.
Full Control of WalletsYou have 100% control of the wallets you want to support in your market.
Payment ProvidersYou have 100% control of the payment providers you want to support in your market.
Control over FundsYou have 100% control of the funds of your end-users.
Private User BaseYour user base remains 100% your own, only your company will be known to us.
Thousands of NFTsYou get access to thousands of existing NFT sales.
UpsellYou get access to extra sales channels to increase your own sales.

Which Blockchains are supported?

The Market API is a multi-blockchain product. It supports the selling and buying of NFTs on different blockchains.

Currently, these blockchains are supported:

  • Polygon(MATIC)
  • Avalance C-chain
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Hedera

How does it work?

Using our Market API you can query all our existing sales and filter based on what you need and what to offer to your own users. Your end-users can directly buy NFT available in our market, and visa-versa. Your platform will act as a proxy, allowing you to keep your user base 100% private.

Your end-user can easily create new sale offers which you can offer on your custom peer-to-peer NFT market, and at the same time, it will be available in our general market, increasing the buy audience and therefore increasing the number of sales.

Market-API Framework

Market-API Framework