Venly API

Create a fulfillment for an offer

Endpoint to create a fulfillment from an offer. A fulfillment can be a PURCHASE (when buying 1 or more items from the offer) or a REIMBURSEMENT (when returning items to the seller).


* Create a purchase

A purchase can be created only if offer is in status READY and has remaining items
A purchase can only be created for an offer of type SALE (not for AUCTIONS).
A purchase goes firstly in status QUEUED, PROCESSING and then COMPLETED or ERROR if something went wrong.
Request body
"type": "PURCHASE",
"offerId": "ba60a7b2-a360-4f88-accc-bd048aac889d",
"userId": "7c344b6c-2a05-4597-95ce-9b48e07f8e50",
"externalUserId": "00u2vuh033UE8uC8Y4x7",
"walletAddress": "0x39069fb544c7e25122b8a54cd7b982d34d11e470",
"amount": 10
Response body
"id": "45c9efd6-720d-7951-cf48-e5fc79aa394d",
"type": "PURCHASE",
"offerId": "ba60a7b2-a360-4f88-accc-bd048aac889d",
"amount": 10,
"status": "QUEUED",
"creationDate": "2021-04-16T07:21:31.625947",
"pricePerItem": 1,
"buyerId": "7c344b6c-2a05-4597-95ce-9b48e07f8e50",
"buyer": {
"id": "7c344b6c-2a05-4597-95ce-9b48e07f8e50",
"nickname": "Gaiming Market"
"externalBuyerId": "00u2vuh033UE8uC8Y4x7",
"buyerWalletAddress": "0x39069fb544c7e25122b8a54cd7b982d34d11e470"