Venly API

Retrieve wallets containing NFTs for a specific contract

Retrieve all wallets that hold/own a specific NFT from a specific collection/contract.


Use this API when you want to know who (a wallet) owns NFTs for a specific collection.
As a result you will get all the wallet addresses that own any NFT that is part of the given collection.
In the response you will also find the tokenBalance. This is the number of tokens for the provided collection, that the respective wallet holds.
Note that this API returns all wallets that own any token defined in the contract. If you want to know who owns one specific token, use the Retrieve wallets containing an NFT.




"success": true,
"pagination": {
"pageNumber": 0,
"pageSize": 10,
"numberOfPages": 1,
"numberOfElements": 1,
"hasNextPage": false,
"hasPreviousPage": false
"result": [
"walletAddress": "0xb538acdcf1ded376f44edfeb5cf6a299314ea36a",
"contractAddress": "0xb3ccba9310e123e1d5b15b76bbc0165e410f492e",
"tokenBalance": 1
"walletAddress": "0x013909cf698d45f01f4c18b13532cf6451088a47",
"contractAddress": "0xb3ccba9310e123e1d5b15b76bbc0165e410f492e",
"tokenBalance": 54