Venly API

Retrieve NFT template

How to retrieve an NFT token type (template) from one of your contracts

Endpoint: GET

Requires Authority: manage:token-types



"id": 1,
"confirmed": true,
"name": "Chuck The Rooster",
"description": "Chuck is a Male Tall Chicken Who is the Leader of The Chicken Siblings. He is Cool, Daring and Wacky. He can be Selfish and Stubborn When it Comes To Challenges, But he is An True Softie when it Comes To His Siblings. In Rebel to the Beak, It revealed that He is Allergic to Monstonuts and In The Good, The Bad and The Clucky, It also Revealed that He Used to Be one Of the Scouts from Slurp,s Little Cowboys Scout Camp along With Finley, Ainta and Hugo. He is the youngest of the three.",
"image": "",
"imageThumbnail": "",
"imagePreview": "",
"externalUrl": "",
"fungible": false,
"burnable": false,
"currentSupply": 0,
"animationUrls": [],
"attributes": [
"type": "property",
"name": "Talent",
"value": "Leadership"
"type": "property",
"name": "Allergic",
"value": "Monstonuts"
"type": "property",
"name": "Hobby",
"value": "Scouts"
"transactionHash": "0x36582ee04ef2b4570f381b59971deb2d2e698fb77724deb193333223119403c4"