Venly API
Execute contract call
An endpoint to execute a function on a smart contract (write) on any (supported) blockchain. As a result, a new transaction will be submitted to the network containing the smart contract execution.
Call a contract

Supported types

address, bool, bytes, bytes1, bytes2, bytes3, bytes4, bytes5, bytes6, bytes7, bytes8, bytes9, bytes10, bytes11, bytes12, bytes13, bytes14, bytes15, bytes16, bytes17, bytes18, bytes19, bytes20, bytes21, bytes22, bytes23, bytes24, bytes25, bytes26, bytes27, bytes28, bytes29, bytes30, bytes31, bytes32, int8, int16, int24, int32, int40, int48, int56, int64, int72, int80, int88, int96, int104, int112, int120, int128, int136, int144, int152, int160, int168, int176, int184, int192, int200, int208, int216, int224, int232, int240, int248, int256, string, uint8, uint16, uint24, uint32, uint40, uint48, uint56, uint64, uint72, uint80, uint88, uint96, uint104, uint112, uint120, uint128, uint136, uint144, uint152, uint160, uint168, uint176, uint184, uint192, uint200, uint208, uint216, uint224, uint232, uint240, uint248, uint256
For arrays, please provide the type from above followed by square braces ( ex: uint256[] ). The values for an array must be surrounded with square brackets and delimited with "," (ex. [1,2,3]). Byte values must be hex-encoded.
🧙 The signatures endpoint supports the EIP-712 standard, Ethereum typed structured data hashing and signing. This EIP aims to improve the usability of off-chain message signing for use on-chain.



This example will execute an ERC20 transfer using the direct execution of the smart contract function "transfer". The inputs for this function are: destination (address) and amount (uint265)

Request Body

"pincode": "1234",
"transactionRequest": {
"walletId": "adc4c08a-b8fa-4e4c-z5a2-92c87b80f174",
"to": "0xdc71b72db51e227e65a45004ab2798d31e8934c9",
"alias": null,
"secretType": "ETHEREUM",
"functionName": "transfer",
"value": 0,
"inputs": [{
"type": "address",
"value": "0x80cbb6c4342948e5be81987dce8251dbedd69138"
}, {
"type": "uint256",
"value": 73680000
"chainSpecificFields": {
"gasLimit": "300000"


"transactionHash" : "0x621f692e386a8bc0c53d36aa793864893106e10f54f63fa9c063e24ad975d907"

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